Research: Isaac L. Kandell

| July 11, 2011

Isaac L. Kandell (1881 – 1965) was born in Botosani, Romania to English parents. He is known for his work in comparative education. He attended the University of Manchester and in 1902 he received his B.A in classics and in 1906 he received his M.A. in education. Kandell taught classics at the Royal Academical Institute in Belfast, Ireland from 1906 to 1908. He received his Ph.D from Teachers College Columbia University in 1910. After obtaining his Ph.D, Kandell worked as an associate professor and later a professor of education at Teachers College. ┬áKandell published many works including History of Secondary Education (1930) and Comparative Education (1933). He studied various school systems in great depth. He focused his work on the differences between school systems and the reasons behind these differences.