Research: Professor Mary Davies (Swartz) Rose

| June 27, 2011

Research: Mary Davies (Swartz) Rose

Mary Davies (Swartz) Rose (1874 – 1941) was born in Newark, Ohio. Mrs. Rose received a PhD from Yale University in psychological chemistry. She taught at Teachers College from 1909 – 1940. While working at Teachers College she established a department of nutrition and developed nutrition education programs for public schools. She was interested in energy metabolism and vitamin values but her writings focused on making nutritional research accessible and applicable to everyday life. Mrs. Rose was a founder of The American Institute of Nutrition. She was the institute’s 5th president and the first female president at the institute. Mrs. Rose received the honor of being 1 of 3 Americans appointed by the health committee of the League of Nations to attend meetings in Geneva and London. The American Dietetic Association elected her as an honorary member. One of Mrs. Rose’s publications was entitled, Everyday Foods in War Time (1918). Mrs. Rose worked with the government during World War I to create recipes and balanced meals for the military and she helped create army rations. To see Professor Mary Davies (Swartz) Rose in action click here.

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