Research: Professor Goodwin Watson

| June 30, 2011

Research: Goodwin Watson

Goodwin Watson (1899 – 1976) was born in Wisconsin. He was described as being an extremely intelligent young man. At the impressive age of 17 he became the principal of an elementary school. At the age of 19 he became the principal of a middle school. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin with a major in physics. In 1925 he received a PhD from Teachers College in educational psychology. He also became an ordained minister at the methodist episcopal church. He soon became a professor at Teachers College and he was a popular professor who assigned very relevant readings and gave forward thinking lectures. From 1925 – 1942 Watson’s reputation as a scholar thrived. When America entered World War II, Watson was the chief of the Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service in Washington D.C. Two years later he was forced to give up that position due to the claim that he was a disloyal citizen.This claim was proven false over time but following this controversy he became a less active scholar. In 1962 he left Teachers College and became a professor at Newark State College. In 1963 Watson founded the Union of Experimenting Colleges with Antioch College president, James P. Dixon. This lead to the formation of University Without Walls. University Without Walls provided students of all ages with the opportunity to receive a BA, MA or PhD. University Without Walls had locations around the country and relied on local educators and professionals to provide hands on learning opportunities to the degree candidates. Watson also founded Change Magazine and the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.

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